The Campaign

We are in the ‘short period’ in the run up to the election on May 7th. It is the time to put into action our leaflet campaign on the doorsteps and to step up to the public hustings. I have already appeared at the Thomas Gainsborough School event at Gt Cornard, at the Old Hall hustings at East Bergholt, and at the Quay Theatre business oriented event at Sudbury. Harkstead, Hadleigh, Holbrook, and Sudbury await.

We plan to use the free postal delivery to send a leaflet to each of the 75,000 electorate, and to distribute 25,000 leaflet packs to selected properties. Correx posters and our website add to the ways in which we can reach out to South Suffolk, and to the District Council wards. District Council leaflet:


The debate is gaining momentum and tonight’s seven way hustings adds to the UKIP charge, where Nigel Farage won plaudits for attacking Mr Cameron and Mr Miliband over immigration and their plans for the economy. Mr Farage told the other party leaders to “get real” as he told the truth about foreigners with HIV using the NHS for free treatment. He also attacked the “political class” who “have never had another job in their lives”.

On the economy, Mr Farage said:

“Our debt repayment is bigger than our defence budget. We have maxed out the credit cards and at some point we have got a dreadful debt repayment. We have got to get real. We can cut budgets like foreign aid.”

The result of the poll averages can be seen here DailyMail :


We have seen how UKIP is steadily eroding the lead of the Conservatives and Labour in the opinions of the public. It is important that we keep up the pressure on our opponents and not let up either in the parliamentary campaign or the council campaigns.

Steven Whalley