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Hot Under the Collar

To believe in this global warming nonsense you must believe these things: 1. That the world is getting warmer. 2. That man has caused this warming. 3. That the effects of the warming can be reversed by man’s actions. Our UKIP candidate for Westminster, Steven Whalley, suggested at a public meeting that the evidence for (1) was not as strong […]

July 18, 2015 · Politics
Royal Society Snuffed Seychelles Snail Still Survives

Royal Society Snuffed Seychelles Snail Still Survives

The Seychelles Aldabra Banded Snail (Rhachistia Aldabrae) is at the centre of a row about the very integrity of the centuries old Royal Society, whose first members included Isaac Newton and Christopher Wren. A 2007 peer-reviewed study produced by Justin Gerlach in the Royal Society’s journals Biology Letters, claimed that the Aldabra Banded Snail had gone extinct in the late […]

September 22, 2014 · Environment