Hot Under the Collar

To believe in this global warming nonsense you must believe these things:

1. That the world is getting warmer.
2. That man has caused this warming.
3. That the effects of the warming can be reversed by man’s actions.

Our UKIP candidate for Westminster, Steven Whalley, suggested at a public
meeting that the evidence for (1) was not as strong as it might be. This was
met by howls of derision. The EU have done a good job, and convinced a good
many people on very little hard evidence.

Has man caused this warming (if it exists!)? Well we had an ice age in
pre-history. Most agree on this. The world is warmer now. Did the dinosaurs
start lighting fires?

Should we take steps to change our climate? I doubt if building more of
those “monuments to stupidity”, wind turbines, will have any effect whatever.

I noted a snippet recently in the morning paper “Scientists predict mini ice age will
strike the UK – colder winters and falling temperatures, due to a decrease in
sun’s activity.” Did you notice this too – I thought not.

Leon Stedman