Green Party most likely to use long-haul flights

A survey examining the political allegiance and travel habits of almost 3,000 Britons, carried out by the holiday deals website Travelzoo, uncovered some other unexpected results.

As well as being the most likely to jet off to distant shores, Greens are more likely to book a hire car rather than take a taxi. They were also the most likely to pinch the hotel toiletries. Telegraph

The website asked 3,000 Brits about their travel habits and political allegiance. UKIP supporters were the most likely to prefer a hot a destination, with 90 per cent of them admitting to being sun-seekers, however they were much less likely than Conservatives so go for luxury holidays, preferring budget breaks instead.

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrats were most likely to book a cruise and Labour supporters most likely to go all-inclusive.  Breitbart

The Greens have the Australian Natalie Bennett as their leader, which might explain at least a part of their frequent flyer long-haul habits. The rest of it could be them flying off to climate change conferences in far flung places, to tell everybody else to stop flying to cut CO2 emissions, to ‘save the planet’.

Steven Whalley